There's a line between bravery and stupidity, and rap superstar Drake dangerously straddled it on Tuesday.

The 2013 Grammy Award winner's allegiance to the Kentucky basketball program has been well-documented over the past few years, but it's fair to say he never pulled a stunt like his most recent one: taking a tour of the Texas women's basketball team's facility while wearing Kentucky gear.

As one would expect, Drake was the victim of some roasting for his actions. One athlete audibly asks, "You're wearing that in here?" to which Drake sheepishly replied that no one had given him any Longhorns gear.

But of course, once Drake left the room, the players couldn't keep their true feelings hidden for long, as is shown by this video posted to the team's Instagram account:

Drake is in the building. Obviously our girls played it cool #FanGirls (video courtesy of Emily Johnson)

A video posted by Texas Women's Basketball (@texaswbb) on

Turns out not even the nation's seventh-ranked team is immune to the charm of the 29-year-old star. Fortunately for all parties involved, the Longhorns and Wildcats won't be facing off during this coming regular season.

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