Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott are the eye candy of the entire HGTV network. Their TV series, "Property Brothers," is one of the most popular shows on the cable channel, as the duo helps homebuyers find a house in need of some TLC and renovate it into the home of their dreams.

Whether you love real-estate television or basketball, you've got a prime opportunity to enjoy the Scott brothers in a different arena of expertise. This weekend, they will star in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, representing team Canada. If they don't seem like a fitting selection for a basketball game, consider this: The twins stand a daunting 6-5 and, as they recently explained to GQ, they both "grew up playing basketball.

"Jonathan will make fun of me, but when I was in high school I literally lived and breathed basketball," Drew tells GQ. "Everyone else would be off doing something else, I'd be in the gym for four or five hours a day playing."

This is the pair's second appearance in the Celebrity Game, after the 2012 edition in which they played on opposite teams.

"We actually wanted to be on the same team, but then we realized that the whole 'Brother vs. Brother' competitive-spirit thing was fun," Jonathan says. "And of course my team doubled Drew's team's score. So that was very memorable."

As for a sibling rivalry, Jonathan concedes to Drew -- while they both love the game, Drew was always the standout.

"He definitely played a lot more," Jonathan says. "He's a bit of a pro. He was always the MVP, and I was more of the...most improved player.

"They would put me down low, because I was always good at dominating the key and getting rebounds, but I'm not the guy you're going to see firing off three-pointers. That's Drew."

As they've geared up for their return to the Celebrity Game, they've also shared some of their training through their social media accounts:

I'm as ready as I'll ever be #NBAAllStarTO @mrdrewscott

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Do you know how hard it is to find a ball boy that looks just like you?! #nbaallstar warmup with @mrsilverscott!

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It's clear both brothers are excited for the game, and ready to prove there's some basketball talent to be found north of the border. We'll see what Team USA has to say about that.

Perhaps the next natural landing spot for the brothers is in an inaugural Celebrity Dunk Contest. Drew says he had a 43-inch vertical in high school.

"I used to be able to touch my head on a ten-foot rim! I could fly," he says. "Now I can still dunk if I'm well warmed-up. I can't move or jump like I used to, but I can still do it.

"Somewhere I have footage of me doing dunk contests when I was younger."

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