Mark Dantonio

Mark Dantonio didn't flinch, but that didn't seem to help. Leading his team into the second annual College Football Playoff, the Michigan State coach was a bit distracted in the moments before the game's kickoff.

ESPN's Heather Cox corralled him a quick pre-game interview, and you've never seen a coach more distracted from the questions being asked. Dantonio mutters a quick response to Cox's first question while his eyes dart around the stadium.

It's clear he wants to be set free, but Cox pushes on and asks a second question. That was the straw that broke Dantonio's back.

"Don't flinch," he shouts when asked what his team needs to do. Then he jogs off, presumably to do some very important coaching work that his team desperately needs.

Whatever he needed to do that pulled him away from Cox, he either didn't get it done or it didn't make a difference. The Spartans were crushed 38-0 by Alabama, and its offense was hapless against the Crimson Tide defensive line.

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