Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban doesn't surprise anyone anymore. The Mavericks billionaire owner taunts refs courtside, curses DeAndre Jordan and says he could beat Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in a presidential election.

So when people find out Cuban dropped an f-bomb during a pregame interview, few will be surprised. However, one detail make catch people off-guard: The swear came before a video-game match.

On Saturday, Cuban and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich challenged each other to League of Legends. Before the match, Cuban represented his team in an interview with ESL, an eSports channel. After bashing Colin Cowherd for the radio host's negative comments about eSports, Cuban pumped up the crowd when asked about rumors he is actually good at League of Legends.

"I've played three [times]," he said. "But I'm f***ing smart."

Cuban, also a star of Shark Tank, knows a business opportunity when he sees it and eSports are on the rise. Cuban's team won, despite opposite trash talking from Krzanich.

After the game, Cuban was told he was fined $15,000, money that would have to be donated to Cybersmile, an anti-cyberbullying foundation. Naturally, Cuban took this as an opportunity to invest more money.

"So if I say it again, I have to pay another 15K? F*** it."

Make no mistake, Mark Cuban still does whatever he wants.

Here is a video he posted from the event:

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