Kenan Thompson and Colin Jost

A year and a half ago, Kenan Thompson delivered a memorable impression on Saturday Night Live, as he dressed up as David Ortiz. The scene appeared after the Red Sox visited the White House and Ortiz took a selfie with Barack Obama, which showed up on Samsung's branded social media accounts within minutes. Thanks to Ortiz, it's now nearly impossible to get a selfie with the president.

Thompson and SNL have had Ortiz in their back pocket ever since. This past week, after Ortiz announced he will retire at the end of 2016, the show saw another opportunity to dress Thompson up like Big Papi.

For reference, here is the first go-around:

This is kind of a "you had to see it the first time" situation. Thompson's Ortiz impression has little to do with the Boston slugger. He plays up Ortiz's flamboyant Dominican persona. It worked the first time, so Thompson went with it again.

Some similar lines to the first impression return:

-"Como estas el Yost?"

-"Big Dominican lunch with Big Papi."

-Food mentions such as "mofongo" and "wasakaka con queso frito."

-Ortiz's signature clap and point to the sky.

-A series of fake promotions.

Meanwhile, this was last week:

Ortiz, 40, made his MLB debut in September 1997, right as Thompson was gearing up for his fourth season at All That. Think about that.

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