Although the play didn't lose the game for the Falcons, it certainly did not help them. During the Patriots' overtime drive -- the only drive for either team in the extra period -- Tom Brady tossed a pass in the direction of Martellus Bennett on 1st and 10 from the Falcons' 15-yard-line. De'Vondre Campbell, in coverage, reached his arm around Bennett's chest. The ball hit the turf incomplete, but Campbell was flagged for defensive pass interference.

"It felt like I made a great play, but obviously the refs thought otherwise," Campbell said in the Falcons' locker room after the game.

The Patriots got the ball at the two-yard-line and scored a touchdown two plays later on a James White rush. The Patriots won the first overtime Super Bowl, 34-28. Campbell is left wondering how he could have committed less contact on that late play.

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