Derek Fisher

If any NBA team is looking for a point guard who has played 1,287 regular season games and coached 136, Derek Fisher is willing to talk.

Fisher, fired as Knicks head coach in February after a season and a half, posted a workout video Tuesday on Instagram with the assertive hashtag #imnotdoneyet.

But don't on seeing the five-time NBA champion back on the floor just yet. Consider these tweets from Fisher on Wednesday:

While Fisher looks ready to go in his video, there are a few factors that make an NBA team expressing interest in Fisher seem rather unlikely. In a few days, Fisher will turn 42, and that is far past the age at which most players are able to compete. If he does return, he would be the oldest player in the league, eclipsing 40-year-old Andre Miller. Fisher last played with the Thunder in 2013-14.

Additionally, Fisher's saga with Matt Barnes is an issue most teams would want to avoid. Fairly or unfairly, Fisher comes with some off-the-court issues. Fisher attempted to set the record straight in an essay title, "Truth," that he published March 10, but there is no way to know if that was sufficient in the minds of NBA front offices.

Given the extremely unpredictable free agency the NBA just went through, perhaps someone will give the 6-1 point guard and former head coach another chance.

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