Drake, Jimmy Butler, David Blaine

The best way to make celebrities feel powerless: Magic.

In David Blaine's new television special, David Blaine: Beyond Magic, which premiered Tuesday on ABC, the magician finds himself surrounded at a party by Drake, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler, Dave Chappelle and other celebrities. Blaine asks Chappelle to draw a small creature that can fit in the palm of Drake's hand. Chappelle makes a Meek Mill joke and draws a frog.

Blaine proceeds to start throwing up frogs.

At one point, Blaine asks Curry to check his mouth to make sure it is clear. Curry tells the crowd Blaine's mouth is empty, so of course, Blaine then spits up one more frog.

Chappelle's live frog even hops out of his glass.

Drake's and Jimmy Butler's reaction is the best:

Drake, Jimmy Butler

Beyond Magic also featured such celebrities as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Johnny Depp and David Beckham. Blaine is 43, and he is still freaking people out and acting like it is no big deal.

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