LeBron James

Patrons at a Blaze Pizza in Los Angeles were served by first-time employee, Ron, last month.

Forget King James or LBJ. Ron is LeBron James' new nickname.

Between games against the Lakers and Clippers, James went undercover at the assembly line pizza establishment. James is a marketing partner of Blaze Pizza and has a 10 percent stake in the company. As of last October, James owned franchise rights in Miami and Chicago.

In the video, fans struggle to recognize Ron, as he plays dumb about basketball. One customer notes Ron's resemblance to Dwyane Wade. "I get that a lot," James responds.

Blaze Pizza teased Ron's employment in March.

James stopped by a Chicago Blaze Pizza location Thursday. The Cavaliers play the Bulls on Saturday night.

James tweeted about his experience as Ron on Friday:

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