China Jump Rope

How do gymnasts let loose? By using one of their friends as a human jump rope.

Yeah, that's right. These Chinese gymnasts turned a dude into a human freaking jump rope.

On Wednesday, one day after the final Olympic gymnastics medal was awarded, Rio hosted the gymnastics gala, a non-medal event that allows gymnasts to entertain the crowd with creative stunts that do not fit the guidelines of competitive gymnastics. So after a week and a half fearing a fall off the balance beam, gymnasts get to do handstands on each other's heads with nothing but their bones at stake.

In other news, American Danell Leyva stripped on the parallel bars.

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Switzerland's Donghua Li, who won gold in 1996, performed on Pommel Horse with an Atlanta Olympics tie.

Now, you feel pretty naïve for watching medal events and the stuff that actually mattered on Wednesday.

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