Vince Carter

It's been 16 years since Vince Carter won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The man once known as "Air Canada" is now 39 years old, toiling away in Memphis for 4.1 points per game in just 13.3 minutes played.

On Wednesday, for a brief-but-tingling moment, "Vinsanity" returned. Against the Nets, his second NBA franchise, Carter dropped 11 points in 21 minutes. Four of those dunks came in the form of early 2000s Carter dunks.

Here's Vince with the two-handed reverse:

And in the fourth quarter, Vince brought out the one-handed semi-180 reverse:

Of course, the obvious question you should be asking: "Why is Vince Carter not in the Slam Dunk Contest?"

But really. Toronto. Vince. Kobe. Get this man in the contest. Maybe he'll have to retire on the spot after trying to muster the energy to turn back the clocks, but it'll be worth it for everyone.

At least we have this Vince Carter mixtape the NBA released Tuesday:

Drake also has a jacket with a Vince Carter throwback jersey lining:

P.S. There's something awesome about Vince throwing down these dunks in the throwback Memphis jerseys.

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