Bryce Harper is on a self-declared journey to make baseball fun again. Part of that process involves making his gear fun.

Harper, who appeared in his fifth All-Star Game this week -- at 24 -- came armed with a new toy. Under Armour released the Harper 2, Harper's second signature cleat with the brand, at noon this past Monday, July 10.

Harper tells ThePostGame he had "free rein" on the Harper 2 and looked for ideas from a variety of sports outside baseball.

"I looked at a lot of their basketball shoes, a lot of their soccer stuff, a lot of their lacrosse stuff, as well, and just tried to get a good vibe in what I wanted to do. I took a lot of feedback from what kids wanted also -- high school, college, pro.

"Soccer, having that stability, having that sleek look, a lot of the cleats you see there are super lightweight, which I like. I'm just trying to have that feel of you're not really wearing anything, pretty much."

The first Harper 2 colorway backs up Harper's point about looking sleek. The Nationals star unveiled the "Miami Bryce," while introducing the cleat at All-Star Game FanFest Monday morning on an Under Armour panel with Heidi Watney of MLB Network. The pink and teal colorway, which also includes palm trees, brought flash to All-Star week.

Bryce Harper Miami Bryce

As for the engineering of the shoe, Harper is following a modern scientific theory: Metal isn't always better.

"The bottom of this cleat, rubber on the back, metal on the front," Harper says. "So rubber, for the comfort of your heel and your hamstrings on the back, trying to be as comfortable as you can, especially when we're standing out there for large periods of time and then having the stability of the front when you're digging into the box."

According to Under Armour, this is technically a 3-3-4 hybrid cleat plate formation.

Harper also says the strap is "big for me," considering its ankle support. Of course, Under Armour is used to being delicate with ankles. Stephen Curry, who battled ankle injuries early in his NBA career, is already on his third signature Under Armour basketball sneaker.

Harper 2 Bottom

Harper won't be the only MLB star to wear the Harper 2. In fact, some players have already snuck the footwear into their wardrobe.

"Freddie Freeman's tried 'em out actually," Harper says. "He actually hit a homer in 'em, so I'll take that. Jayson Werth, Yoan Moncada. Of course, when they come out, a lot of guys will start wearing them."

Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger were also among Under Armour stars at the All-Star Game, although, it is unknown if the two young guns will strap up the Harper 2.

Harper used his appearance in Miami to not only showcase his cleat, but to showcase a former All-Star Game teammate. Harper donned an image of late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez on his Miami Bryce cleats for the actual All-Star Game.

For what it's worth, Harper went 1-for-1 with a walk at the All-Star Game and made a diving catch with a hair flip. The Harper 2 is off to a strong start.

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