Safeties have been overlooked for too long when it comes to recognition from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, says 2018 inductee Brian Dawkins. But Dawkins is optimistic that being selected in his second year of eligibility is a good sign for other safeties.

"I hope this changes the narrative about the safety position," Dawkins says. "I've always believed that the same conversations have been had about the safety position for too long: They're just a centerfielder. They stay the deepest. All the things you learned in Pop Warner. Well, safeties in the National Football League don't just do what they did in Pop Warner. They're game-changers. ... Darren Woodson. Leroy Butler. Those guys are game-changers. They changed the complexion of games time and time again. You can't tell me those guys don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame."

Check out the video above for more from Dawkins, who was first team All-Pro four times. During his career with the Eagles (1996-2008) and Broncos (2009-2011), Dawkins registered 37 interceptions and 26 sacks.