Miss the Olympics? These golden ladies share their must-have meals before a big game/meet:

Nastia Liukin, gymnastics
"I normally try to do a piece of chicken or fish and vegetables just to have the protein and the balance of having some energy but not too heavy before a competition."

Jordyn Wieber, gymnastics
"I usually don't get to choose food because we're usually given our meals. But I usually try to make healthy choices, some protein and some vegetables, something that will give me a lot of energy.”

Missy Franklin, swimming
"Carbs are huge before swim meets, so my mom makes the best homemade mac and cheese ever. But chicken parm is one of my favorite meals. But in London, I'm pretty sure I just went with spaghetti. My mom wasn't there to home-cook me meals."

Keilani Ricketts, softball
"It changes every year ... I guess I’d have to go with Panera. Yes. A tomato mozzarella Panini from Panera."

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