Riley Curry may be cute, but she's got some stout competition in the form of her father, circa 1992.

Back then, Stephen's father, Dell Curry, was a key member of a talented and promising Charlotte Hornets team. His son Steph was just a wee little thing who could only dream to shoot 40 percent from the NBA three-point line.

It's well-documented by now that Steph was a frequent presence at his father's basketball games. A new video shows just how welcome Steph was in the locker room -- starting point guard Muggsy Bogues picks him up and takes him on a windy airplane ride over to his father.

Stephen Curry is a NBA Champion now but in 1992 he was getting airplane rides from Muggsy Bogues. @videogames

A video posted by Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on

Video like that shows not only what a great basketball experience Steph Curry has had throughout his life, but it helps explain why his daughter, Riley, is such a presence at his basketball games -- and why he refuses to bend to critics who think she shouldn't interfere with post-game press conferences.

Steph Curry clearly sees the NBA as a family affair, and like his father, he wants his kids to be a part of that experience.

One more thing the video teaches us: You never know which giggling, carefree kid will grow up to be a league MVP.

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