In another reminder of how the Tampa Bay Rays are having more fun than any other team in baseball, Joe Maddon's club donned some groovy Woodstock-themed outfits for a flight to the West Coast.

After a 6-5 home loss to the Indians on Sunday, Rays players and coaches put on their best 1969 throwback clothes before boarding a flight to Seattle. The idea came from Maddon, who leads the league in creative ideas.

Here are some of the best looks:

According to Fox Sports, this was Maddon's 30th themed road trip since he started the idea in 2008. The team even made this poster in anticipation of the seven-game swing:

Maddon seems to have a thing for throwback looks. The 60-year-old loves the theme so much that he's even been the poster boy for the team's throwback uniforms to a time when the franchise didn't exist.