Even in a locker room known for its fashionistas, Dwyane Wade stands out above the rest.

He is often called the best dressed player in the NBA, and he has gone as far as to match his tie with his finger wrap.

And on Monday, Wade rocked one of his most ridiculous outfits yet. Or at least LeBron James thought so.

After the Heat's win over the Rockets, James tweeted a photo of Wade wearing the skinniest pants imaginable. James wrote, "My boi @thewayofwade taking fashion to a whole new level with these pants. Mannn! #chineseprint #paintedon."

Those pants are so tight that Wade might have had to use scissors to cut himself out of them.

Amazingly, these are only the second or third most ridiculous pair of pants Wade has worn recently. Last year he tried out hot pink pants, and earlier this year he donned fitted sweats.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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