Josh Sundquist makes a habit of being perpetually awesome.

Sunquist, whose left leg was amputated at age 9, is a Paralympic skier that spends the rest of his times pushing his body's limits. Sometimes, it's a tremendous challenge that tests not only his body, but also his mind. And sometimes, he finds clever athletic ways to reincarnate awesome soccer tricks you rarely see by world class players with two legs. Just take a look at Sundquist's Scorpion Kick:

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Seriously, try to do a Scorpion kick in your backyard right now. You'll be lucky if you manage to not kick yourself in the head during your attempt.

Sundquist made it look easy. After being given a 50 percent change to live following a bone cancer diagnosis, Sundquist lost his leg but beat the cancer. He has spent the last 13 years living life more fully than most people with both legs. He's a bestselling author, motivational speaker and is clearly unafraid to take on every athletic adventure possible.

Surely, the Bicycle Kick is next, right? We're not betting against him.

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