So what if cornerback Patrick Peterson wasn't the first player taken in the NFL Draft? We say he was the most stylish. The new Arizona Cardinal has loved fashion since he was little, and now he's got the coin to wear whatever he wants. caught up with Peterson at Niketown in New York City the day before the draft. Note whose fashion sense he most admires in the NFL.

TPG: You're quite the dresser. Who did you get your fashion sense from?

Peterson: My mom, hands down. She was my No. 1 influence ever since I was a kid.

TPG: Why are clothes so important to you?

Peterson: Three reasons:
1) Swagger. 2) Looking good. And 3) I want to rock the best stuff.

TPG: What is your favorite outfit?

Peterson: Easy. A well-fitting suit. It's all about the fit.

TPG: Did it take you a while to pick out your draft outfit?

Peterson: Nope, not long at all. I'll be red carpet ready. Really presidential – and always keeping it classy. That's how I do it.

TPG: In your opinion, who in the NFL has a great fashion sense?

Peterson: Larry Fitzgerald.

TPG: What about Deion?

Peterson: (Laughs) Yeah, him too. He's got some swag for sure.

TPG: So what are your top pieces of advice for fans who want to dress better?

Peterson: 1) Coordination – make sure it all goes. 2) Taste – as long as you have good taste, you're good to go. 3) Be comfortable trying new things. 4) Attitude. It's really all about the attitude. If you think you look hot, that'll come across. 5) Confidence. That's also the key. If you think you can make it look good, chances are you will.

TPG: Other than the bling on your ears, what are some of your other must-have accessories?

Peterson: Yeah, I'm all about the jewelry. Earrings, watches, you name it. I'm not as much about the big blingy around-the-neck chains. I like to keep it classy.

TPG: Everybody has a different definition of fashion. What does fashion mean to you?

Peterson: Fashion means the world to me – after football, of course. Fashion helps you define who you are, and it lets you be different and try different things.

TPG: Any fashion role models? Or any favorite brands?

Peterson: I'm a big fan of Sean John, but I also really like Louis Vuitton and Armani.

TPG: A man after my own heart.

Peterson: But I'll also rock a lot of jeans. I play around. Mix it up.

TPG: I hear you have some Nike training gear out. Tell us more about it.

Peterson: The gear is hot. Nike has always been a great brand, but the new gear has some serious swag.

TPG: What makes it so swag-tastic?

Peterson: It's special –- it'll give people confidence.

TPG: After your football days are over, would you ever think about pursuing fashion? Maybe a Patrick Peterson clothing line?

Peterson: Yeah, no doubt! I would love to.