Want to know how fast Lionel Messi is running? Don't we all. Want to know how much faster the soccer superstar is running than you? That can be arranged -- for $338.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that after two years in development, Adidas has recently unveiled a new sneaker that that’ll make any self-respecting soccer player want to step up his game. It will also make any disrespectful weekend warrior have to put up or shut up.

Originally worn by Argentine footballer and twice-named FIFA World Player of the Year Lionel Messi in an exhibition game in September against Nigeria, the uber light-weight Adizero f50 went on sale in Latin America, Europe and Asia on November 15th and hit U.S. stores on December 1st. Using an embedded "speed cell" chip in the sole of the shoe, it can record, analyze and wirelessly transmit your stats to a computer or mobile device. In fact, the chip is actually a version of Adidas’ miCoach system, which was launched in 2006 to track runners' performance.

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But when it comes to soccer, it's an entirely different ballgame. This snazzy shoe can show you what you did (or did not do) during the game, measure your top speed and distance (including all of your back-and-forth movements), and allow you to compare this to your previous performances -- as well as the performance of your friends or competitors. And if you're feeling ultra confident in your athletic prowess, you can even compare your results to Adidas' list of superstar athletes.

So for the low, low price of $338, you get the shoes, a speed chip, and the software to analyze your data. And for all of you non-soccer players out there, don’t you fret -- Adidas plans to start selling similar products for tennis, American football and basketball in the first half of 2012.

So for all you who say you ran a 4.3 40 back in high school and you're in "the best shape of my life," just keep talking while you can. Soon your boys will be calling you on it.

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