Deion Sanders gave his famous name to his son, but he also gave him an upbringing far more affluent and privileged than the one he experienced.

So when he saw his son, now a college football player at Southern Methodist University, posting to Twitter about his preference for doughnuts from the "hood," Sanders Sr. had to go into dad mode.

It was glorious.

It's never fun getting burned by your own dad, and much worse when that happens in front of people. Far, far worse is when your father burns you over Twitter, where he has 910,000 followers.

And Sanders had a little bit more to add:

Later, he made it clear the comments were all in fun -- even if they were rooted in the truth.

Still, it's refreshing to see someone of Sanders' stature calling out comments that embrace "the hood" as a cultural symbol or a badge of honor.

Particularly when those comments are coming from a rich kid.

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