A larger playing surface and more players on the field aren't the only adjustments Chad Johnson has had to make since moving north of the border to play for the Montreal Alouettes.

Johnson, a six-time Pro Bowler who last played in the NFL for the New England Patriots in 2011, has also had to learn how to read French. And so far, that hasn't gone so well.

Johnson tweeted that he's already racked up 15 parking tickets in Montreal, complaining that the street signs are all in French. The wide receiver sent this message to Montreal mayor Denis Coderre in hopes of help:

Coderre, an active tweeter, quickly responded:

Rather than learn to read French, Johnson has started taking the subway, and that too has been quite an experience:

As Johnson spends time in Montreal (he signed a two-year contract with the Alouettes in April), we can only hope for more of these moments.