Torrey Smith and his wife, Chanel, are quickly making their case as the most adorable couple in sports.

Back in March, before they were married, they teamed up on a wonderful motivational rap for Chanel's students (she's a teacher outside of Baltimore).

Then, when they had their engagement photos taken in June, they combined for some pretty cute images. Like this one:

After these feats of cuteness, it's understandable why people would have high standards for the Smiths' baby announcement. And Chanel and Torrey did not disappoint.

Chanel posted the below photo to her Instagram page, and Torrey quickly borrowed it for his account.

Torrey and Chanel get an A+ for creativity and humor here. Very well done.

Judging by Torrey's face in the photo, as well as a tweet he sent out Monday, it's pretty clear whose idea this was:

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