LeBron James
"Seriously just felt like we just flew to China. It's all good though #NBALife"
How I See It: It was Oakland. Don't blame jet lag for that big 0 in the fourth quarter.

Nate Robinson
"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.... #mainthingSWAG"
How I See It: See, LeBron? There's a man who doesn't make excuses.

Chris Harris
"Kobe is the closest thing to Michael Jordan this generation will see."
How I See It: #lebronhater

Drew Brees
"I love @NickMangold sticking up for his QB"
How I See It: Wouldn't anyone if they were him? Sanchez has the option to grab the football or grab something else when he's under center.

Greg Jennings
"Thank God for giving me another opportunity to #BeGreat today. Big day for our team 2 make strides for Sunday.One step at a time. #GoPackGo"
How I See It: It's about that time of year when, you know, Greg Jennings puts the team on his back.

Darren Sharper
"Gotta be nice to run on beach in January. I love nola but gotta a little love saved for south beach."
How I See It: You see? This guy doesn't even want to be near a football field when Greg Jennings has the team on his back.

Luke Donald
"Who'd have thought that Spurs would be tied with Man U so late in the season. Great stuff! #welldoneHarry!"
How I See It: Every year it seems too old, but San Antonio always finds a way to compete. Oh, you mean those Spurs ...

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