Matt Ware
"I can tell nobody got anything done at work today with all these tweets..#ncaatourney"
How I See It: Look who's talking, Ware, but isn't that the point of March Madness?

LaMarr Woodley
"Jimmer fredette has a crazy name but the guy is legit.. hes carrying BYU #marchmadness"
How I See It: Like LaMarr Woodley is any better of a name?

Aaron Rodgers
"2 last second shots both went against me......I love march madness"
How I See It: That's a little masochistic, don't ya think? Usually you want the games to go your way. I'm surprised I need to remind a Super Bowl champion of that.

Angie Akers
"Amazing March Madness St Patty's Day! Enjoy the exciting games and Guiness! Love being Irish!"
How I See It: Good games & Guinness. Enjoying the best of both worlds.

Ryan Mundy
"#superbowl lol RT @DavidMerritt15: there anything better than the NCAA Tournament?"
How I See It: Well, there aren't any lockouts that threaten the NCAA Tournament, so March Madness might have to take the cake.

Chris Canty
"Day 1 of the tourney and my bracket is already ruined. Louisville let me down. I guess I better stick to my day job"
How I See It: Does your day job still exist? Think of the fans!

Jeremy Maclin
"Huge shot!"
How I See It: Maclin should be careful. If I didn't know the tourney was going on, I'd think Maclin would be celebrating St. Patty's day a bit too enthusiastically.

Brad Gilbert
"Green is the new black, just for today."
How I See It: I guess we should update the saying to "Once you go green, you never go ... lean?"