Natalie Coughlin
"Braising short ribs for my big dinner on Saturday. Takes so much restraint not eating all this delicious food myself!"

How I See It: If you need help, Natalie, let me know. Don't be surprised if all the ribs go MIA though.

Paul Bissonnette
"I've been on the road for 6 days and it feels like a month. My standards in women are crashing like the dow jones in 2008. #MeSoHooowny"

How I See It: Way to keep things PG, Bissonnette ... oh, wait. Sigh, the life of a pro athlete.

Golden Tate
"Just spilled pepsi on myself at the airport. #slouch #lookedlikeipeedmypants"

How I See It: That's the most original excuse for bedwetting I've heard in a while.

Barry Enright
"Question of the day...What did/do you want to be growing up?, actress, athlete... Anything..? Be creative"

How I See It: Are you looking for a new day job already? Spring training barely started. It's too soon to give up all hope on the season.

Kenny Wallace
"Holy Crap!..Just looked up and seen I almost have 40 thousand followers?...What's going on with me?...Why do you follow me?"

How I See It: I'm guessing being a pro athlete might have something to do with it.