Brandon Carr
"Man I hate going to restaurants where I can't read or comprehend anything on the menu"

How I See It: Stick with that attitude, Carr, and you'll miss out on a lot of great food. Bulgogi, tapas, enchiladas ... need I go on?

Cat Osterman
"I have the most ridiculous adopted daughter ever (not literally ppl).. She's obsessed w Justin Bieber!! Hahaha"

How I See It: What person with two X chromosomes isn't obsessed with Bieber?!

Michael Griffin
"At the sesame street show with the kids ... Cookie monster can dance"

How I See It: Sesame Street is the best. Not only did they rock the Grammys, they were hilarious on Top Chef on Wednesday night. It's great to stay in tune with childhood heroes. Elmo rocks!

Gerald McCoy
"Somebody asked what I missed most about OU. It is hands down the fans. The fans make us. More players need to realize that. I love you guys!"

How I See It: Fans definitely make the world go round. Nice to see someone keeping that in mind.

Martellus Bennett
"I jus got hit by a car!!!! Damn WTF. That s--- hurt. Ahhhhhh ... Ok I'm lying. Jus practicing for April Fools."

How I See It: A bit extreme for a practical joke, but no problem wanting to get ready for April a little early when it's still freezing cold.