Bobby Boswell
""Urban Outfitters" should be called 'You Don't Need Me, But You're Going to Buy Me Anyways.'"

How I See It: I think you can say that about a number of material things, but $60 for a T-shirt? Yeah, the UO label sounds about right.

Paul Bissonette
"Now let's talk about Johnsons left hook? Wow. Did Chuck Norris teach him that?"

How I See It: Chuck Norris actually learned it from Brent Johnson.

Yao Ming
"Happy Chinese New Year ????!"

How I See It: Yao Ming's only tweeted three time since joining Twitterverse, so it's nice to see him tweeting about the New Year. Bring on the rabbits!

Justin Forsett
"I need ice skates to walk around in these streets of Dallas"

How I See It: The ice skates will be a nice fashionable update in replace of the stream of cowboy boots.

Logan Morrison
"Asked the flight attendant if she could find me a seat with more leg room. She didn't laugh... #LoosenUp #SorryLady #MarlinsTroopVisit"

How I See It: She didn't laugh, but at least she didn't go all Steven Slater on you. Say thanks to the troops for me!

Terrell Thomas
"I go to home depot to stay busy, imma do construction if we have a lockout"

How I See It: Let's hope it doesn't come to a lockout, but if it does, I do like a man with a backup plan.