Shelden Williams
"On the bus headed to the gym!! We play cleveland tonight!!"

How I See It: Why does he seem so excited about playing a team with 18 straight losses?

Logan Couture
"Getting ready to head to the draft tonight, wonder who the first pick will be..."

How I See It: Not you, rookie. Even though you deserve a chance.

Gerald McCoy
"Apparently driving and talking on the phone is illegal in Cali bc I just got a ticket for it!! Not even a warning. I have a Florida license."

How I See It:Yep. Has been for quite some time now. Maybe you should have done your homework.

Eric Berry
"I wish the twins coulda came."

How I See It: Only NFL players can tweet something like this and nobody bats an eyelash.

Matt Duchene
"Just found out last pick gets a car... I've swallowed my pride and am now welcoming the last pick haha"

How I See It: Pick me, Pick me!!! Oh, wait ... never mind.