Tiger Woods
"See you there! Take i-5 RT: @Sligh_Guy I'm thinking of driving down to SD to cheer you on. If you tweet me back I'll rent a tuxedo"

How I See It: Connecting with the fans, I love it. Tiger must be miserable.

Deion Sanders
"Goodmorning Primetimers! Today let's be a lil selfish. Make today about you. If you're not happy how can u make someone else happy? You 1st."

How I See It: Glad to see what makes athletes such great role models.

Mike Wallace
"Superbowl bound"

How I See It: Can't wait (I didn't think Bart Scott was going to say it this time)!

Hines Ward
"Wow. What can I say. Last night was awesome. The crowd was crazy. And I jumped into the stands to celebrate with... http://fb.me/IWwYlcSw"

How I See It: Really? That was how you celebrated? I expected a few drinks with Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie.

Clay Matthews
"Don't you guys drop me... I'm worth a million dollars!!"

How I See It: Thanks for reminding us how much you get paid to tackle other human beings. Good luck at the Super Bowl.

Chris Johnson
"Headed to hawaii for probow right now"

How I See It: So are the 2,000-3,000 fans that will be in attendance.

J.R. Smith

How I See It: I know you want Melo gone to actually have a reason to hog the ball, but he's not going to the Nets anymore.

Curtis Granderson
"http://plixi.com/p/72090258 Finding Jets fans even in New Zealand"

How I See It: This is good news. Call the U.S. Navy and tell them to send a boat to survey the surrounding area. You may have finally found Revis Island.

DeMarcus Cousins
"RT @lilniko_5 skype me.... niko.williams2"

How I See It: Need someone to vent to after Sports Illustrated called you "the next Derrick Coleman?"

LeBron James
"Hahahahahahahahaha. James Brown and the E Trade Baby was just talking about the Jets-Steelers game. Hilarious"

How I See It: Is it embarrassing that the E*TRADE baby's grammar is twice as good as yours?