Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have been reborn -- sort of.

The Spurs stars were given a very special tribute last week. A San Antonio couple who met while working in a restaurant at the AT&T Center have named their identical twins Duncan and Parker.

John Paul and Crystal Dennison spoke with KENS-TV about the decision to honor the Alamo City's hoop legends.

"We know that the Lord brought us together, but he used the Spurs to do it," John Paul said. "It kind of started off as a joke. We said it at lunch one day and everybody laughed.

"And then we got to thinking that we really actually liked the names a whole lot. They’re really cool names."

Parker, the point guard, has teamed with Duncan to win three NBA championships during his career in Texas, which started in 2001. Tim also won a fourth championship before Tony joined the Spurs. The veteran center has appeared in 13 All-Star Games.

The new version of Duncan and Parker weighed in at close to five pounds each, with Duncan (appropriately) being slightly taller. The boys will stay in the NICU for a few weeks.

Wonder which NBA team they'll pull for?

"Once they grow older and Dad gets a little more influence, we'll be painting the walls silver and black," Crystal, the boys’ mother, said.

It would be tough for Parker and Duncan to be Lakers fans!

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