That Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry returned to practice Wednesday after finishing treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma is amazing on its own.

Even more amazing: instead of shedding weight and muscle mass, Berry came out of chemotherapy one pound heavier.

Yes, you read that correctly. Berry took IVs after chemotherapy treatments in order to allow him to work out along the way, keeping his focus on his football career throughout the eight-month ordeal.

As tough as Berry is on the field, he might have just proven himself tougher off of it. Tackling Hodgkin's lymphoma while working out beats any of the Pro Bowl safety's football-related accomplishments.

"I'd first like to start off by saying, thank God, man ... my support system just took care of me," Berry said at a press conference Wednesday, flanked by his parents. "The two things I could control is my attitude and my effort. You can't look too far ahead."

It's unclear whether Berry can participate in full football activities, which would give him a chance to play his first game since December in Week 1.

Still, his teammates were happy to see him back.

Regardless of when he'll suit up next, seeing Berry on the field and a pound heavier is a win in itself.

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