Prince Harry’s reputation as a ladies' man could be put to work at the sexiest sport of this summer's Olympic Games.

Harry, known as the Playboy Prince thanks to a string of conquests, has already made attending the beach volleyball events in London next August a priority and asked advisers to help him arrange premium seats.

"Everyone knows that Harry loves sport and he is planning to see many events during the Games," a source close to Harry told "However, it is fair to say he is particularly excited about the beach volleyball and is looking forward to seeing the action."

In the initial phase of ticketing for the London Games, beach volleyball proved to be one of the most oversubscribed events, with most sessions quickly selling out. The location of the event is both unique and perfect for Harry, situated in Horse Guards Parade in central London -- a Royal site used for the annual Trooping of the Colour ceremonies.

Beach volleyball makes every attempt to market the athleticism and attractiveness of its athletes, and Harry will have no shortage of model-like bodies to feast his eyes upon.

International regulations prohibit female players from wearing more than the skimpiest of outfits and tournaments come with a steady diet of cheerleaders, dancers and loud music. The entertainment at the temporary 15,000-seat venue in London should be even more notable, with organizers planning to use the Queen's famous Guardsmen alongside the typical razzamatazz.

Harry is believed to have become a fan of beach volleyball when he was introduced to the sport while on a military training assignment in San Diego in 2011. He is a regular presence at sports events in the United Kingdom, taking in rugby, soccer and cricket matches over the past two years, as well as a visit to the raucous surrounds of the PDC World Darts Championships.

"Harry particularly likes events that have a great atmosphere," the source added. "He has been at some incredible spectacles, like when England won the Rugby World Cup in Australia. But some of the things he has enjoyed the most were events like the darts, where it was loud and rowdy and thoroughly entertaining."

The prospect of Harry's presence has already generated much excitement in beach volleyball circles, and confirmed the event as one of the must-see spectacles of London’s extravaganza.

"I am getting chills just thinking about it," two-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh said. "I would love it if the Royal Family came out to watch us. You think Prince Harry might like what we have to offer?"

No question.

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