One of the things we love most about college football is the ability of an unknown to come out of the woodwork and turn heads with consistent, remarkable play, despite being far away from the national radar before Labor Day. We've had a few of those players this season, but none more so than Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott.

Before this season, Prescott had started just seven games. He had 14 passing touchdowns, 13 rushing scores, seven interceptions and a 58.4 completion percentage. But he has taken the preseason unranked Bulldogs and helped turn them into the best team in the country.

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And since the Heisman-worthy quarterback has given us such little time to acquaint ourselves with him, here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about Prescott.

Cool Facts About Dak Prescott


1. Full name is Rayne Dakota Prescott. Middle name is from cartoon character.

Prescott’s late mother, Peggy, did not go the conventional route when naming her three boys. Dak was named after "The Dakota Dude," one of the three bulls on the old cartoon program, "Wild West C.O.W. - Boys of Moo Mesa." His brothers, Tad (Thaddeus) and Jace, were named after a soap opera character and a grocery store clerk, respectively. Because who needs baby-naming books?


2. He has a 'Dreamcatcher' tattoo on his right shoulder

If you pay close enough attention to Prescott’s throwing shoulder and upper arm, you can spot some decent ink, though from a distance it's hard to tell what it is. One tattoo reads "Dreamcatcher" -- a popular Native American object -- adjacent to a tattoo of feathers, smoke, wind and two turtles. Not exactly common among college athletes.


3. Dak is a descendant of the Choctaw Apache Tribe

Prescott's tattoos are actually a nod to his grandfather, Glyndell, who was heavily involved in the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb (Louisiana).


4. He points to the sky after each TD to honor his late mom

When Prescott points to the sky after each touchdown he scores, there's a special meaning to it. His mom, Peggy, died last November after a battle with colon cancer and that’s his way of honoring her.


5. He has a tattoo with the word MOM and a ribbon

On the inside of his left wrist, Prescott also has a tattoo that says "MOM" with a ribbon around the "O" to support the fight against cancer. Prescott figuratively wears his love for his family and ancestors on his sleeve -- he also literally wears it on his skin.


6. Prescott grew up in a Louisiana trailer park

Peggy Prescott managed a truck stop, restaurant and casino near Shreveport, Louisiana. As a single mom, she and her three sons lived in a trailer park at the Pine Creek Mobile Estates.


7. He wears No. 15 in honor of Tim Tebow

Dak has garnered a lot of comparisons to Tim Tebow this season, and the similarities are not lost on him. In fact, he requested No. 15 in Starkville because of the Florida Heisman Trophy winner. "I asked for No. 15 when I first came to Mississippi State because of Tim Tebow," Prescott told the AP. "Our games are kind of similar, but I'm a different player. I have my own type of game, but I want to mimic him in a way."

Les Miles

8. LSU didn't offer Prescott a scholarship until it was too late

The Louisiana native was not seen as a big-time recruit entering his senior year of high school, but he caught the eye of Dan Mullen and committed before his last season at Haughton High School. After accruing 3,500 total yards and 56 touchdowns his senior year, Les Miles made a hard charge to the point where his family thought he would decommit from State. But LSU didn't offer Dak a scholarship until months after he had committed to Mississippi State and Prescott remained loyal to Mullen and his staff. Obviously, Tiger fans are left wondering what might have been.

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