You'd swear when watching certain college football games this season that some of the players and coaches on TV were separated at birth from famous people. Who are College Football's Celebrity Look-a-Likes of 2013? We present 30 of the best doppelgängers.

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College Football Celebrity Look-A-Likes 2013 Slideshow


Brady Hoke (Michigan) and Jeff Garlin

In his 2007 movie I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, Garlin responds to his mom's "That shirt makes you look fat" comment with, "That's because I am fat. If anything, I make the shirt look fat." If we didn't know better, we would've assumed that was a Brady Hoke quote.


Aaron Murray (Georgia) and 'McLovin'

Murray not only physically resembles the breakout star of 2007's Superbad, he also shares McLovin’s squeaky and high-pitched voice, penchant for "bold" fashion choices and awkwardness with the ladies. Forget the fact McLovin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is a fictional character -- we swear these two might be related.


Nick Saban (Alabama) and Billy Bob Thornton

Thornton knows a thing or two about being a coach, having earned praise for his performance as Permian High School head man Gary Gaines in the movie adaptation of Friday Night Lights -- oh, and that awful remake of The Bad News Bears. More Lost Lettermen: GALLERY: Grading College Football's New 2013 Uniforms


Steve Addazio (Boston College) and Sgt. Slaughter

What a shame that most of Addazio's players weren't alive when Sgt. Slaughter enjoyed his heyday as a wrestler. Otherwise his hypothetical threats to punish disobedience with Slaughter's "Cobra Clutch" would be much more effective.


Johnny Manziel and Fee Waybill

If the reigning Heisman Trophy winner grew out his hair, he could totally pass for Waybill, the lead singer and songwriter of the 1970s band The Tubes. Heck, Waybill's given first name is also "John."


Mark Richt (Georgia) and Helen Hunt

Richt might be somewhat insulted to have his facial features compared to those of a woman. But the similarity is undeniable. Plus, he’s given Bulldogs fans plenty of reasons to be mad about him over the years (rim shot). More Lost Lettermen: PHOTOS: College football’s hottest WAGS of 2013


Mike Leach (Washington State) and Vince Gill

It's a shame that Leach was Oklahoma's offensive coordinator for just one season, in 1999. It was in that year that he led the offense of his country music-singing doppelgänger's favorite team (Gill was born in Norman and grew up in Oklahoma City).


Trent Miles (Georgia State) and Uncle Fester

The first-year Panthers head coach hopes the light bulb comes on for his players now that GSU is playing with the big boys of the FBS. Hopefully Miles won't try to light said bulb by sticking it in his mouth, a la his “Addams Family” look-a-like.


Brett Hundley (UCLA) and Jaleel White

Coincidentally, White - most famous for playing Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" -- is a UCLA alum and one of the Bruins' most well-known celebrity fans. In pacing the offense to 48.0 PPG, Hundley hasn't had many "Did I do that?" instances in his redshirt sophomore season.


Joey Jones (South Alabama) and Dr. Oz

Just as Dr. Oz guides TV viewers through their health fears, Jones is leading a steady South Alabama ship in the Jaguars' second season in the FBS. South Alabama is 2-3 and very nearly upset Tennessee in Knoxville on Oct. 29.


Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) and Mike Tomlin

If Tomlin's Steelers continue to struggle this season, how funny would it be if the Pittsburgh brass decided to replace him with the Aggies' head man and seemingly identical twin? Also, if these two and Omar Epps were all in the same place at the same time, the universe might explode.


Marcus Mariota (Oregon) and Rob Kardashian

The Oregon quarterback and reality TV star share dark complexions, similar facial structures and those thick eyebrows. NFL teams are certainly hoping Mariota keeps the weight off better than his more famous doppelgänger.


James Franklin (Vanderbilt) and David Blaine

Franklin has done Blaine proud and pulled off one of the best "magic tricks" in the SEC in recent memory: Turned the long moribund Commodores into a force to be reckoned with.


Larry Coker (UTSA) and Jonathan Banks

Banks most recently gained critical acclaim for his portrayal of "fixer" Mike Ehrmantraut on "Breaking Bad." If he existed in real life, doppelgänger Coker would no doubt consider Ehrmantraut's services to erase evidence of his end days at Miami (Fla).


Braxton Miller (Ohio State) and Lil B

The Buckeyes' star, dual threat quarterback has himself a hip-hop look-a-like in the form of the multifaceted Lil B, a.k.a. "The BasedGod," whose work draws from a large variety of genres. Do these two share a tattoo artist?

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