After getting your workout in order, the next thing that most men will start to do is take a look at their diet.

Diet and workouts go hand in hand in improving your physique, enhancing your health and enabling you to be better at whatever physical activity you choose to do. That said, many men are making some serious nutrition mistakes that end up costing them in the long term.

Let’s have a look at what these are so you can be sure to avoid them.

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10 Common Nutrition Mistakes We've All Made Slideshow


No 10. Avoiding Pre- And Post-Workout Meals To Enhance 'Fat Burn'

Think skipping your pre- and post-workout meal will help you burn fat faster? You might want to reconsider. While it may seem logical, you must remember that it's your total calorie balance at the end of the day that matters. Rather than denying your body the critical nutrients it needs at the time it's least likely to convert them to body fat, cut calories at some other point in the day when you just don’t need the energy. That will be far more effective


No. 9 Eliminating Fruit Because Of The Sugar Content

Has fruit received the boot from your diet? If so, you need to add it back in, because you should know the truth about sugar. While it is true that fruit does contain sugar, it's natural fruit sugar and it won't spike blood-sugar levels like table sugar will. More importantly, the fructose found in fruit will help to re-saturate liver glycogen stores, and this is one of the deciding factors as to whether your body releases energy or not.


No. 8 Believing Herbs Are Harmless Because They're Natural

Our next nutrition mistake is thinking that you can use herbs without caution. You think herbal remedies are natural, so they must not pose any threat of side effects. But make sure you do your research before you start using a particular herb.


No. 7 Thinking Calories Only Matter For Weight Maintenance

While it is true that the amount of calories in your diet will determine whether you gain or lose weight, remember that the type of calories you take in will determine how easy it is to attain your desired calorie level. The more healthy foods you eat, the less you crave junk. If you're eating nothing but junk food or processed snack foods, you'll likely either go way overboard with your calorie intake or have to battle with blood-sugar highs and crashes all day long -- with the corresponding hunger that comes with them.


No. 6 Avoiding All Red Meat

If you’re a man on a diet trying to really get lean, chances are good that you've eliminated red meat. Don’t be so fast to cut it out. Red meat supplies a number of important muscle-building nutrients that your body needs, including iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Simply choose leaner cuts such as sirloin steak, venison or other game meat, and watch your portion size.


No. 5 Relying On Your Classic Standbys

There’s no question that having a routine diet does help you maintain consistency with your eating habits, but don’t let the routine get so monotonous that you're facing serious dietary boredom. If you very rarely switch up the foods you’re eating, not only are you more likely to crave less-than-nutritious options, but you’re also more likely to suffer from a nutritional deficiency as well. Rotate a minimum of at least five dishes per meal throughout your monthly diet plan.


No. 4 Neglecting Spices

One serious place where calories like to hide is in the condiments and sauces you’re using. Whether it's the sauce in which you cook your stir-fry or the marinade you use with your chicken, there’s a high chance it has too much cooking oil, sugar or other added, unhealthy ingredients. Instead, try and make use of herbs and spices. They offer many health properties and will add flavor without the calories.


No. 3 Downing Sports Drinks During Your Workout

Another mistake you might be making is using sports drinks far too often during your workouts for when you're dehydrated. Unless you're exercising for hours at a time, you simply won't require the calories or electrolytes found in these beverages. Water along with a good pre- and meal will do the job perfectly.


No. 1 Believing Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Are Far Healthier Than Frozen

Many of us believe the only way to reap the health benefits of fruits and vegetables is by eating them fresh. The truth is, frozen vegetables can be just as nutritious and can be a lot more convenient. If including frozen fruits and vegetables in your diet means getting your daily intake, as opposed to not, definitely opt to use them. They’re fast, easy and taste great.

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So there you have some of the biggest mistakes that you might be making with your diet. If you're guilty of committing any of these nutrition mistakes, make sure you implement appropriate changes immediately.

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