The NBA All-Star Game has featured plenty of hits and misses, and that's just with the uniform design. Here's a look at five of the best and five of the worst. This year's look is on the list. Which category? Check it out, starting with the worst.

Best And Worst NBA All-Star Game Uniforms Slideshow


Worst: 1951

The first NBA All-Star Game didn't feature too much creativity with a handful of giant stars on some blank blue and white jerseys. It may have gotten the point across but wasn't really a fantastic fashion statement.


Worst: 1963

The NBA finally realized it should probably add the words East and West, so that fans could truly differentiate the teams. But it still wasn't sure fans were smart enough to know it was the All-Star Game without a bunch of stars on the uniforms.


Worst: 1975

The amount of stars on uniforms had dwindled to two. Apparently the league finally realized that fans might be able to tell that it was the All-Star Game even with slightly fewer stars.


Worst: 1979

The NBA inexplicably slanted the East and West text on the jerseys to resemble the sinking boat. What, it was to honor the Titanic? Weird.


Worst: 2008

The East actually had pretty sweet, patriotic jerseys. But they also chose to ruin the color gold for everyone, always, with these ugly Western Conference uniforms.


Best: 1993

The NBA incorporated a shimmering, metallic color into their All-Star jerseys. At the same time, it kept its precious star, seamlessly weaving it into the uniform.


Best: 1995

The NBA made it a point to emphasize that the game was in Arizona by putting a cactus on the jersey.


Best: 1996

Most years the NBA plays the conservative card, trotting out simplistic, red and blue or blue and white jerseys with no character. These had flair -- although they did look eerily like the future Vancouver Grizzlies' uniforms.


Best: 1997-2002

The NBA was super lazy, having players simply wear their regular team uniforms with an All-Star patch added. Despite this pathetic lack of creativity, it's hard to deny that having so many different uniforms on the court at once gave the game an interesting look.


Best: 2013

For most of the past decade, the NBA played with different red/blue schemes. This year they've managed an eye-pleasing combination.

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