Here are seven seductive sirens that redefine the meaning of natural beauty, as selected by Men's Health editors:

Hottest Extreme Athletes Slideshow


Gretchen Bleiler

Age: 31. Sport: Halfpipe snowboarding. Achievements: Four-time X Games gold medalist, Olympic silver medalist. (For more gorgeous women at the top of their game, check out the 12 Sexiest Female Olympians.)


Lokelani McMichael

Age: 35. Sport: Surfing and Triathlon. Achievements: Youngest woman ever to finish an Ironman triathlon.


Alana Blanchard

Age: 22 Sport: Surfing. Achievements: First place, Women's Pipeline Championships, Hawaii.


Julia Mancuso

Age: 28. Sport: Alpine skiing. Achievements: Olympic gold and silver medalist. (Want to build a body that all women would want? Start by learning The Maximum Muscle Secret from Men's Health.)


Kristi Leskinen

Age: 31
. Sport: Freestyle skiing. Achievements: X Games bronze medalist.


Lyn-z Adams Hawkins

Age: 22. Sport: Skateboarding. Achievements: Three-time X Games gold medalist.


Malia Jones

Age: 35. Sport: Surfing. Achievements: Winner, United States Amateur Surfing Championship. For 100 more gorgeous female forms, check out the 100 Hottest Women of All Time.

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