1. Family Matters

Things have gone from bad to worse for Manchester United's Ryan Giggs. After failing to cover up his affair with a model, Giggs was caught yet again for cheating. But this time it was with his younger brother's wife. It's nice to get along with your sister-in-law, but that might be taking it too far.

2. Retired Warrior

Very few athletes can make a name for themselves post-retirement. But former NHL fighter Donald Brashear has his priorities in order. In his MMA debut, Brashear, who has the 15th most penalty minutes in NHL history, knocked out his opponent in less than 30 seconds. It beats competing on "Dancing With The Stars."

3. Ring Bling

The NBA Finals may not be over, but that doesn't mean we can't start reminiscing of a simpler time. And with that comes memories of simpler rings. For those of us that aren't lucky enough to have NBA championship rings stashed in our closet comes this handy, dandy interactive graphic that revisits every ring in NBA Finals history.

4. Catching Kernels

Who needs mitts to catch baseballs? Not this lucky Kansas City Royals fan, who proved to the world that a bucket of popcorn is just as good as any baseball glove. Let's hope the bucket's a little sturdier next time.

5. Language Barrier

Sprite played quite the joke on Kobe Bryant in a JJ Barea billboard in Puerto Rico. But Sprite should know that just because the ad is overseas doesn't mean Kobe won't see it. Especially if the two athletes are both endorsed by the soft drink company.

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