1. Tressel Treason

The Jim Tressel era has come to a close, but the rumors regarding his departure have just begun to swirl around the web. Luckily Spread Far The Fame rounded up the Top 10 reasons why Tressel peaced out of Buckeye Nation. My money's going on No. 6.

2. The Anti-Hangover

Sporting events are always a great time, but a recent lackluster effort from the Portland Timbers fans had many puzzled. Early game? Bad weather? Lack of star power? All plausible, but most likely too many hungover fans in the stands. To ensure raucous crowds in the future, Timber Army is taking a Sober Saturday pledge. No worries, it'll end morning of the game.

3. Shopping Spree

What do you get the man who has everything in the world? It's hard to imagine, but thankfully Tony Romo got us a step closer. Romo's wedding registry with Candice Crawford is available online to the public, providing a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Wine glasses and gravy boats are pretty typical, but cookie dough scoops and french fry holders? Really?

4. Jetting North

Rumors dominated hockey media headlines for weeks and on Tuesday, the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers and its likely move to Winnipeg was finalized. The team's new owners wasted no time gearing up for next season, announcing its season-ticket sale drive, along with a handy graph to chart its progress. But doesn't True North know 13 is an unlucky number?

5. MBI -- Mafia Batted In

Living in the MLB Fan Cave may be a diehard baseball fan's dream job, but dining with mobsters? Not so much. Unless of course, Jose Bautista stops by for a visit. This new MLB Fan Cave video reimagines a classic scene from "The Untouchables," with Bautista playing the role of Joey Bats. It's a Hollywood remake waiting to happen.

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