1. Gruff Grunts

Maria Sharapova narrowly escaped an upset, voicing her frustrating every hit on the way. Lucky for those fans who don't watch tennis until the finals, "Deadspin" compiled all 47 of Sharapova's man-like grunts. I hope Sasha Vujacic has his earplugs ready.

2. "Student Athletes"

You know something's wrong with your system if "South Park" is calling you out. NCAA got the animated treatment this week when our favorite foul-mouthed kids pointed out the hypocrisy behind the free labor that is college student athletics. But slavery comparisons never work out. Just ask Adrian Peterson.

3.Legends To Losers?

Speaking of college football, you know those awful Big Ten division names? The team behind EA Sports knows they suck too, and give players the chance to name them as they wish in NCAA Football 12. I'm leaning towards Red and Blue, but only if it comes with Poké battles.

4. Fiery Fans

Sports fans are always a fiery bunch, maybe too much of the time. One fan in particular ignited his passion during the Romania Cup Final. Literally. A firecracker was thrown onto the field, almost hitting a player on the same team the fan was rooting for. Next time leave your explosives at home.

5. Pitchy Pastime

Brett Favre showed off his pitching skills in the only place left in America that would give him a standing ovation, his alma mater Southern Miss. If you ask me, it looked more like a tryout than a toss. Time to start those out of retirement rumors again.