1. Presidential Play

Former President George W. Bush has always been an avid sports fan, but he knew better than to get too close to the action. He came dangerously close to crossing that line the other night when he was almost hit by an errant foul ball during a Texas Rangers game. Where's the Secret Service when you need them?

2. Rampage-o-rama

Lie detectors are pretty hard to trick, but at least they don't come equipped with punching machines when you get a question wrong. Luckily, this was just a commercial, because Lord knows I would hate to have UFC fighter Rampage Jackson on the other side of the table.

3. Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

American sports have pretty heated rivalries, but nothing comes close to the hate stemming from European soccer contests. A five-minute moment of silence after the elimination of a rival? A funeral procession for the losing team? No way would 30,000 Red Sox fans come out a bid the Yankees adieu. But in Europe, that's just another day of sports fandom.

4. Giggs' Twitter Gag

Speaking of European soccer, Manchester United's Ryan Giggs was recently outed for cheating on his wife with a reality TV star. To make up for being a lying cheater, Giggs declared war on Twitter. Yeah, good luck with that. But like all great dramadies, the story is best told animated, complete with birds taking a dump on Giggs in court.

5. Bieber Fever

From Heisman trophies to BCS championships to No. 1 draft picks, Cam Newton's got it all. Including a crush on teen dream Justin Bieber. Newton may be a man of many talents, but singing along to "Baby" just isn't one of them.