1. Clowning Cutler

In Wisconsin the Green Bay Packers are king right now, influencing discourse around the state. This includes politics where the enemy isn't Republicans or Democrats, but Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. That's nothing new though, Cutler's been Enemy No. 1 in Chicago for a while now.

2. Medieval Madness

Rain delays in baseball usually mean more time to chill in the locker room. But four baseball players from two colleges you've never heard of took advantage of the stormy weather to play a very different sport: Jousting. Nothing like a medieval throwback to bring a smile to your rain-soaked face.

4. Fancy Feet

Hines Ward is a Steelers favorite and after a strong season on "Dancing with the Stars," he's now a finale favorite. That is, if he doesn't paralyze his partner first. You can't win a mirror ball trophy dancing solo, unless you're Napolean Dynamite.

5. Kiddy Smack Talk

Sunday's dunk heard around the world brought Dwyane Wade down a few notches. On the basketball court, sports television and even in front of his own kid. Sorry, Wade, if you lose your own family to Taj Gibson's domination, you might as well hang up your basketball sneakers for good.