1. Carmelo Camel

With nothing to do after getting kicked out of the NBA Playoffs, Carmelo Anthony must be pretty lonely. Luckily, Anthony did the sensible thing and got himself man's best friend: His very own camel. Because dogs are so last season.

3. Hail Mary

With football out of the picture, lacrosse has become the next big sport. Lots of hitting, high scoring and the best part, Hail Mary passes. Not convinced? Me neither, but this goal was pretty sweet.

4. Head Case

Everyone likes to celebrate in their own way. From champagne parties to gatorade dumps to chest bumps, athletes always congratulate one another. AC Milan takes it one step further, choosing to kick one another in the head.

5. Style Guru

For Tom Brady, being married to a model must have some perks, including an improved sense of style. But that clearly didn't translate this past weekend during the Kentucky Derby. Straw is meant for horse food, not hats.