1. Kicking And Screaming

We all know soccer fans can be whiny losers about bad calls, but teams themselves? Real Madrid gave its fans a run for their money with a blog post contesting a bad call from a recent tournament game. But giving soccer phenom Chad Ochocinco the last word is really the icing on the cake.

2. We Want It Now

The NFL Draft has risen from the spurned child of the lockout to the only ray of hope for fans in the near future, but they still gave Commissioner Goodell a piece of their minds during the event. Goodell was introduced to a crowd of boos and chants of "We Want Football." Even if Goodell gave in, not much players can do on a Friday night.

3. Number Crunchers

A mathematic NFL fanatic crunched some numbers to find out how much she'll save if the lockout cancels the season. While some figures ring true, she grossly underestimated the cost of other factors. Only $50 on weekly snacks? And $0 for tailgating? Looks like someone's been missing out on two of the best reasons to watch football.

4. Baby Hot Shot

Last week, we featured a toddler who was a whiz at cleaning up his soccer toys with a swift kick. He returns to The High Five, but this week as a professional. A Dutch soccer club signed him up for a 10-year contract. His last year will be done before he even hits puberty, but that just means he has yet to hit his golden years.

5. Fictional Reality

The Onion poked some fun at new San Francisco 49ers GM in honor of the NFL Draft, but some of the jokes rang a little too true for comfort. The 49ers have a lot of work to do if they want to be competitive this year, so why not have some fun while they're at it? Beanbag chairs instead of sideline benches is an inspiring idea.