1. Relieving The Tension

Mariners center fielder Franklin Gutierrez was recently diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, giving sportswriters a field day. Deadspin pieced together the story with gems from around the Internet, highlighting the struggles Gutierrez has pushed through this past year. These jokes will get readers through at least one more year.

4. Music On Sports Off

If you prefer to hear your music through headphones instead of baseball games, check out this line of Coloud headphones featuring NHL Original Six teams. I wouldn't be surprised if you hear a goal horn every once in a while. They had to make them authentic somehow, right?

5. Black Swan? No, Crane.

With Tiger Woods out of action for the foreseeable future, other golfers get a chance to show off their talents. For some, like Ben Crane, that happens off the putting green. Crane shows off his dances moves with a variety of costumes to best set the mood. Maybe he should channel that energy into perfecting his swing. Golf, not dance.