1. Girl Power

Indi Cowie proves that anything boys can do, she can do better. As one of the best freestyle soccer players in the world (according to The New York Times and probably her parents, too) Cowie makes sure that the soccer ball never touches her hands or even the ground. Ever.

2. Just GIF-ing Around

Everyone loves a good sports GIF. But 30 of this winter's best GIFs? That's pure time-wasting mayhem. From hockey clumsiness to outrageous coaches to happy kids, this list has got it all.

3. Best of the Worst

Another week of March Madness, another unconventional bracket to bet on. Instead of basing our hopes on unpaid college players, let's break our hearts on the worst companies in America. I'm putting my money on BP, despite it being a British company.

4. No, It's Not Friday

America's obsession with the infamous Rebecca Black song "Friday" has come to an end, but it's just heating up in Canada. Our friendly neighbor to the North played the song at an Ottawa Senators game recently, proving kids aren't the only one that can rock out to it. But they are the only ones that aren't humiliated when rocking out to it.

5. Animated Reality

Animation always brings out the best in real life, and when it comes to retelling a dramatic boxing scandal, it should be the only way to portray the news. No stranger to controversy, Jose Canseco is the latest athlete to be featured in a Taiwanese animation video. It covers the recent rumor Canseco sent his twin brother to compete for him in a celebrity boxing event, complete with a smoky tanning bed scene, which I'm sure actually happened. Yeah, right.