Suppose you love basketball, food and free giveaways. Yet you're worried about how that Polish-and-Fries combo basket they serve at the arena is affecting your waist line. You could simply not eat, but what's the fun in that?

If this is your dilemma, Georgetown women's basketball has you covered. It'd like you to come down for Kale Night.

The promotional night, scheduled for Feb. 13 in a home game against Xavier, will distribute free kale to the first 100 fans -- quite the draw, indeed.

But that's not all. The team will also offer free admission to anyone with the letters K-A-L-E in their names. And their will be prize giveaways during the game as well, including gift certificates to local restaurants that feature kale on their menus.

So, as you can see, the theme is fully developed.

Georgetown's team website refers to kale as "an underrated superfood." Presumably, they're happy about using a healthy approach to attracting fans to their home games. The Hoyas women's team could certainly use a boost, as it sits 2-9 in the Big East this season.

The timing of Kale Night is interesting since McDonald's has taken aim at the mostly harmless vegetable in new commercial spots that aired during the Super Bowl. Where McDonald's has crissed, Georgetown has crossed.

But whether you love or loathe kale, you can probably intuit this much: If McDonald's hates it, it's probably good for you.

The full McDonald's ad:

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