More than a decade after he was first invited, Jason Kidd showed up to Daniel Marks' birthday party. Better late than never.

Marks, who now works as a basketball database manager for the Milwaukee Bucks, turned 24 this week. Fourteen years ago he had sent this letter to Jason "Da Bomb" Kidd, pleading with the All-Star point guard to come to his 10th birthday party.

Despite the enormous praise that Marks showered on his idol -- Marks wrote that Kidd hustled "more than anybody in the NBA" -- Kidd never showed up.

Jason Kidd is the new Bucks coach. I wrote him this letter 13 years ago

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But things are different now that Marks and Kidd are employed by the same organization. In fact, Marks posted a photo to Instagram of he and the Bucks coach celebrating his big day:

As for the letter Marks wrote 14 years ago, Kidd did get a chance to see it. After Kidd was named coach of the Bucks last year, Marks showed him the note.

Showed Coach Kidd the letter I wrote him when I was 10. He signed it and asked for his own copy. Pretty cool

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It's a good time to work for the Milwaukee Bucks, as the squad that had the second overall pick in last year's NBA draft finished as the sixth seed in this year's Eastern Conference. Kidd's young, talented team pushed the Chicago Bulls to six games in their Eastern Conference quarterfinals series.

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