Park Seung-il can't move. The former basketball coach in South Korea was diagnosed with ALS in 2002 when he was 31. Park, according to KoreAm News, is "immobile except for his eyes, eyelids, the third finger on his right hand and some of muscles in his face."

He still did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

KoreAm reported that Park did it in his hospital bed. A narrator, who also had cue cards to serve as subtitles, thanks everyone on Park's behalf for participating in the challenges. Then flurries from a snow machine cascade down on him.

One hallmark of all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos, from Derek Jeter to your next-door neighbor, is the reaction and facial expression of the dumpees. Park's video illustrates just how devastating ALS is: The snow falls all over him, and he doesn't react or flinch because he cannot.

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